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Disaster recovery

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With the increasing importance of IT organisations are increasingly exposed to the risk of IT systems failure. Disaster recovery and back up plans that ensure continued connection to the internet are vital to ensure business continuity and the ability to manage risk.

Recovering files from a backup means that your environment, or portions of it, will be offline for some period of time. Also, in the case of a larger-scale disaster, the health of your hardware or the facility's power and network connectivity could be undermined. To help you prepare for the worst, EMNET offers a range of services and solutions. For example, a replica of your system infrastructure can be placed in an offsite facility and the data can be replicated to mirror your environment. Failover mechanisms can then be put into place and be continually tested off-hours to ensure continuity if it's ever needed.

The use of off site services as part of a disaster recovery and remote data back up are becoming increasingly important as businesses outsource  to avoid the costs associated with redundant systems, duplicate hardware and staff costs.

The use of outsourced remote back up and storage is dependant on a robust communication network. If the communication links fail when they are needed the whole disaster recovery plan can fail.

If data is backed up through connections that are shared with other applications such as web access, e-mail traffic, file downloads and content streaming the speed of transfer can be restricted and the performance of back up systems can be less easy to control.

EMNET provides complete tailored disaster recovery solutions and services to fit any organisation's critical and core service needs, located in EMNET's Tier1 fully redundant disaster recovery centres situated in the UK and Europe.